Gifts from Romania

Created and powered by TeaMobil Team 

Looking for the perfect gift? Tea is always a good idea.

With the help of young talented artist from Romania, TeaMobil created special gift collections: Tea for You. Every package contains high quality teas from Demmers Teehaus and is decorated with handmade illustrations. With these special labels we want to promote young artist, culture, values and traditions from Romania.

Each collection has a special cause to promote:

Romania’s Endangered Species

limited edition by Pojum Edith 

Romania is one of Europe’s most diverse country, we have beautiful seaside and astonishing mountains. We have rare species and some that represents the last few from the whole world. The country’s natural heritage is one of our biggest treasures that we would like to preserve. Pojum Edith, the founder and illustrator of Cutie Cards, helped us create a collection that draws the attention to Romania’s most endangered species.

Enjoy the beauty of our nature! Keep it safe! Enjoy our high quality teas and make your loved ones smile to!

Tea Drinkers 

limited edition by Cristina Mureșan-Toth

We all love high quality tea but people tend to have different approaches to this special gift of nature. Cristina Tóth Mureșan, the young talented illustrator from Cluj-Napoca, who is the mastermind of Choofi, collected the most common type of tea drinkers, and surprised us with these beautiful illustrations, that gave birth to the “Tea Drinkers!” collection.

Which type are you? Which one is like your best friend, mother, brother and lover? Surprise them and make them smile!

Famous musicians from Romania

limited edition by Cristina Mureșan-Toth

Romanian music is varied and rich as the country’s multicultural heritage. Our “Famous musicians from Romania” collection promotes the ones most remarkable who’s music will take you into the deepest secrets of our culture.

Relax, enjoy the music, smile and have a good cup of tea!

Romania’s historical regions

limited edition by Cristina Mureșan-Toth

Due to Romania’s multicultural heritage, travelling throw the country is like a colorful fairy tale, where the sunny meadows and deep forests change to sunny seaside and astonishing mountains. With our “Romania’s historical regions” we invite you to discover Romania through its scents, flavors and traditional motives.

Enjoy your travel, relax, smile and share your tea!


limited edition by Kónya Attila

If you heard about Romania, you heard for sure about Dracula too: the horrifying noble who’s drinking people’s blood. Now we invite you to get to know a happier face of this cruel hunter and to discover our tea’s as well!

Special Moments 

limited edition by Staudt Ágnes

Our live’s salt and pepper are those special moments which you wouldn’t change for nothing, like when you have a special anniversary or the birthday of a loved one. Don’t miss those moments and don’t forget that tea is always a good idea!

Romania’s historical cities

limited edition by Mihai Nistor

Each country has a famous city that is the pride and envy of whole regions. Discover some of “Romania’s historical cities” through our special collection of Mihai Nistor’s artwork. Share your experience! Make your loved ones smile!

Beautiful Romania

limited edition by Mihai Nistor

Romania is full with hidden secrets: beautiful landscapes, ancient castles, astonishing mountains and nature that’s unique in the whole word.  Discover our “Beautiful Romania” collection with refreshing black teas that will rise your spirit and will keep you energized through your travel in this beautiful country.

Enjoy your travel and stay hydrated!

Transylvanian cities

limited edition by TeaMobil

Don’t miss Transylvania’s most beautiful cities with their unique cultural heritage. Discover their stories, get to know the people, enjoy the atmosphere! Open your mind and travel through history. Share your experience, take a piece of Transylvania with you and make your loved ones smile!

Tea travel in Romania

limited edition by TeaMobil

You love tea and you’re ready to discover the enchanting hidden world of tea rituals and recipes of Eastern Cultures?  With our precious Tea Travel collection, you can travel through cultures, rituals, scents and flavours of the beautiful east. Are you ready?


limited edition by Cristina Mureșan-Toth

We are all different and we like different tea’s too. Cristina Mureșan-Toth’s beautiful illustrations offers a wide range of high quality tea’s for everyone.  Discover your zodiac, enjoy tea and make you loved ones smile too!