Obsidian,Goat,Ornamental,demmer.ro,Knife,Handle,Mountain,Blade,/chylaceous1324505.html,Horn,#2510,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen , Artwork,$23 Obsidian,Goat,Ornamental,demmer.ro,Knife,Handle,Mountain,Blade,/chylaceous1324505.html,Horn,#2510,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen , Artwork,$23 $23 Goat Horn Handle Obsidian Blade Ornamental Knife #2510 Mountain Handmade Products Home Kitchen Artwork $23 Goat Horn Handle Obsidian Blade Ornamental Knife #2510 Mountain Handmade Products Home Kitchen Artwork Goat Horn Handle Obsidian Industry No. 1 Blade #2510 Mountain Ornamental Knife Goat Horn Handle Obsidian Industry No. 1 Blade #2510 Mountain Ornamental Knife

Goat Horn Handle Obsidian Industry No. 1 Blade #2510 Mountain Ornamental Super beauty product restock quality top! Knife

Goat Horn Handle Obsidian Blade Ornamental Knife #2510 Mountain


Goat Horn Handle Obsidian Blade Ornamental Knife #2510 Mountain


Ornamental knife with an obsidian blade. The knives I sell are ornamental. The blades are a bit thick and not razor sharp. Made using modern tools and methods. The handle is made from a goat horn... Measurements are not exact... The overall length is about 10.5 inches ….. The blade length is about 4 inches.... Thank you for taking the time to look at the things I have for sale. I use products of nature to make things and leave them in a rustic form. Just like people some may look similar but each one will have its own flaws and strengths. Please look close at the pictures and ask questions. No stock photos were used in this listing. The images you see are what is selling in this lot. . Items on this site are subject to prior sales.... .... The items I offer for sale were legally taken and can legally be sold in accordance with the laws where I live. Please check your state and local laws before buying. When you order any item(s) from me, you are saying you can possess the item, in accordance with the laws where you live. In the event that you order an item, which you cannot legally possess, you will be held responsible for all fines, legal fees and penalties incurred.… If there is a problem with your purchase, Please let me know, before you leave feedback and I will do what I can to make it right. Sorry but I cannot ship internationally anything that originally came from a wild animal. Made, stored and shipped from a smoke free environment in the USA… The knives are ornamental. I have attached the blades well but most are not very sharp and will not hold an edge very long. I make the knives but I do not make the blades. They are imported..… Satisfaction is guaranteed. May God Bless you and yours… mountain man knife

Goat Horn Handle Obsidian Blade Ornamental Knife #2510 Mountain

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